The Go-to Guide to Hire iOS App Developers for Your Next Project

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Today we all know the power of leveraging mobile technology in business practices. Having a mobile app can catapult your business growth significantly. Since the advent of smartphones, iOS and Android have remained the flag bearers when it comes to mobile OS platforms. Both platforms have a combined market share of 99.6%, which is enough to term them the most sought-after operating systems.

While the majority of this share belongs to Android, iOS still manages nearly 21% share; Despite this, iOS users spend more time on paid apps, premium features, and non-digital products. Therefore, we can conclude it is a highly lucrative market. But to survive in this highly competitive industry, you will need to hire iOS app developers. They can build an app that offers powerful speed, robust performance, and an intuitive interface, which leads to higher ROI.

If you’re planning an iPhone app development for your business, this blog will give you a foolproof and ultimate process to hire iOS app developers. We will also talk about the need to hire an iOS app developer for your business. But before we move forward, let’s first take a look at the market overview and statistics related to iOS app development.

Market Overview of iOS App Development

  • Apple’s App Store has 2 million+ apps available for download.
  • The global spending on iOS apps was approx $19.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow by $65 billion by the end of 2027.
  • The first quarter of 2023 saw a whopping 9.3 billion iOS app downloads, which was about 25% of the total app downloads worldwide.
  • iOS apps contribute to 70% of total revenue generated through subscription-based apps.
  • Swift remains the most preferred and popular programming language for iOS app development, with over 65% of iOS app developers using it.
  • React Native remains the most popular development framework for iOS app development, with a whopping share of 42%, followed by Flutter with a 39% share.
  • The average cost to hire iOS app developers is $91,126 per year in 2023, which is higher than Android developers ($40,000 per year) and web developers ($35,000 per year).

Why Do You Need to Hire iOS App Developers?

When you hire an experienced iOS app developer, they will help you get the expected results and elevate your business growth significantly. Here are some compelling reasons why choosing to hire iOS app developers can be the right decision for your business:

Meeting The Desired Requirements 

The iOS app development is subject to strict guidelines and following app development standards. Therefore, it requires hiring skilled and experienced iOS app developers who better understand these guidelines and work accordingly. An adept developer promises a well-synchronized development process and gives you the expected results.

Counter The Tough Competition in Digital World 

The mobile app development market is marked by tough competition, with thousands of applications making entries daily. If it is not countered perfectly, you may lose your iOS app development investment in no time. When you hire iOS app developers who are skillful enough, they can help you stay competitive and top-of-the-line.

Transparent and Secure App Development Practice 

iOS app development is probably the most secure, which makes you rest assured about the confidentially of your app idea. Always prioritize to hire iOS app developers from a reliable source, taking full accountability for the project.

Integration of the Latest Technologies in your App

iOS app developers remain adept with emerging technologies and the latest frameworks. When you hire iOS app developers, you technically invest in their expertise, knowledge, and technical capabilities.

Common Challenges You May Face When You Hire iOS App Developers

Hiring experienced and ideal iOS app developers is not as easy as it seems. iOS app development is a highly competitive industry and demands a combination of skills, experience, and creativity to be a successful iOS developer.

The hiring process for iOS developers poses different challenges that need to be addressed. Here are some potential challenges you may face when you hire iOS app developers:

Finding Qualified Developers

Not all developers have the niche skill of iOS app development. Furthermore, iOS app development demands expertise in Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, and other tools and frameworks exclusive to Apple’s ecosystem. Hence, it can be hard and time-consuming to find qualified candidates with relevant skills and experience.

Evaluating Technical Skills

Evaluating the technical skills and abilities of iOS app developers poses a significant challenge. A candidate’s competence cannot be judged by resumes, portfolios, or references alone. Hiring managers have to conduct technical interviews, tests, or assignments to check the candidate’s knowledge of iOS development concepts, best practices, and coding standards.

Balancing Quality and Cost

The cost of hiring iOS app developers can be high, especially if the project needs high-quality and complex features. However, hiring low-cost developers can affect the quality and performance of the app. Therefore, you have to balance quality and cost when it comes to hire iOS app developers and negotiating with them to get the best value for their money.

Ensuring Compatibility and Communication

Ensuring compatibility and communication between the iOS app developers and the rest of the team is also part of the hiring process. You have to take into account the developer’s personality, work style, culture, and language to make sure that they match well with the team’s vision, goals, and expectations.

Average Cost to Hire iOS Developers 

The cost to hire iOS app developers depends significantly on various factors, with location being the most significant driving factor. iOS developers come from countries with different living costs, labor costs, availability of resources, and time zones.

Therefore, without proper requirement analysis, it is near-to-impossible to calculate the exact cost of hiring an iOS app developer. But we can help you with the cost estimations based on the developer’s geographical location:

  • UK – $20 (Junior); $30 (Mid-Level); $40 (Senior-level)
  • US – $20 (Junior); $30 (Mid-Level); $45 (Senior-level)
  • Estonia $18 (Junior); $25 (Mid-Level); $35 (Senior-level)
  • India – $8 (Junior); $20 (Mid-Level); $40 (Senior-level)
  • Croatia – $16 (Junior); $25 (Mid-Level); $35 (Senior-level)
  • Portugal – $16 (Junior); $20 (Mid-Level); $25 (Senior-level)
  • Sweden – $20 (Junior); $30 (Mid-Level); $40 (Senior-level)
  • Germany – $20 (Junior); $25 (Mid-Level); $35 (Senior-level)

How to Hire iOS App Developers? 

Here’s a detailed hiring process for onboarding the best iOS app developers for your project:

Prepare a Description of Your Project

There is no one right way to write a description of your project when you want to hire iOS developers, but there are many wrong ways to do it. In order to prevent any potential mishaps, it is crucial to ensure that your project is thoroughly explained. This will ensure that anyone who reads it comprehends exactly what you intend to accomplish and the purpose of your application.

If your mobile app is going to solve a business problem, state that in the most clear way possible in the project description. You should include your organization’s goals, the app you want, and the functionalities that it should have.

Choose the Most Suitable Model

Several hiring options are available when you want to hire iOS app developers. You could either outsource, work with an agency, hire a freelance iOS app developer, or recruit a dedicated iOS app developer to build your in-house team. Each hiring method has its advantages and disadvantages, and all these should be taken into account before you start the hiring process.

Conduct the Interviews

It is imperative to interview a candidate when you want to hire an iOS developer. As an interviewer, you also need to prepare. Asking the right questions during the interview will not only make the whole process easier, but it will cement your chances of finding the best talent you need. Some developers are high-performers, some are deep-thinkers, and a few are real all-around standouts.

Finalize the Agreement and Sign the Contract

When you hire iOS developers, you will sign a service contract specifying your project’s details and deliverables. A crucial part of such contracts is to establish how to handle any potential conflicts. Usually, such contracts outline the what, how, when, and how much of the project.

Where to Hire the Best iOS App Developers? 

Below are some of the most prominent avenues for hiring the best iOS app developers:

Freelance Sites

You can hire talented and experienced iOS freelancers on various online platforms, such as Upwork, [GitHub], or Topcoder. This option is ideal if you have a specific and clear project scope, a flexible deadline, and a tight budget.

Job Portals 

You can post your requirement for iOS app developers on different job portals to hire them as full-time employees. This option is perfect if you have a complex long-term project that needs regular updates and maintenance.

Mobile App Development Companies

You can outsource your iOS app development project to a professional and reliable iOS app development company like Mtoag Technologies. This option is ideal if you want to avoid the hassle and time of managing the project, access a team of skilled and experienced developers, and get high-quality and timely delivery.


With this guide, you may have learned the process to hire iOS app developers alongside the average cost and the challenges you may face. By following this guide, you can ensure that you hire iOS app developers who can deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions for your project.

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